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Below are our most frequently asked questions. For more detailed information about the program, feel free to review our Terms and Conditions.

Overall Program | Benefits | Certification

Overall Program

Who qualifies to participate in the program?

All projects at every stage are welcome to apply, as long as you meet this criteria:

  1. Participants must have an idea that contains electronic content or software, does not defy the laws of physics (e.g. gravity, speed of light, etc), does not violate any of the Trust & Safety standards on Indiegogo, and complies with Arrow’s Terms and Conditions.
  2. You have or plan to launch an Indiegogo campaign (this includes closed and InDemand campaigns)

Does it cost me anything to join the program?

No! The program is completely free. You do not need to make any purchases from Arrow at any stage. Please review our Terms and Conditions for more information.

What counts as an electronic component?

An electronic component is a device through which electricity passes.

What counts as software?

Any programmable solution that is needed to support your idea.

When does Arrow start helping with my product?

Arrow wants to support you even before the launch of your Indiegogo campaign. Allow Arrow the opportunity to review your initial designs, block diagrams and bill of materials (BOMs).  Arrow may be able to make recommendations to advance your development process in the right direction.
From finalizing your design, building prototypes, setting up your supply chain to full production; Arrow has resources to help at any stage of your product’s lifecycle.

If I submit my project will my IP be protected?

Arrow will hold no stake in your intellectual property.

How long after I submit my application to join the program do I find out if my technology is Arrow Certified?

You will get a confirmation letting you know that we’ve received your application immediately. From there, the Arrow team will notify you within 1-2 business days whether you qualified for participation in the Arrow Certification program. From there, additional discussions on your project design and function will be had to assist you in getting your technology Arrow Certified.

Do I qualify for the program if I’ve already started manufacturing?

Absolutely. Arrow Certification is not based on the stage your product is in. Certification is based on your design and development of your product.



What are the benefits of participating?

All those who qualify for the program receive:

  • Exclusive program discounts on purchases on
  • Access to an engineering consultation
  • Use of Arrow’s online design tools and resources including reference designs and the Arrow BOM tool.

Once a campaigner has Arrow Certified Technology, they’ll receive:

  • Up to $1K to be used on to advance their product development
  • Eligibility to win exclusive contests and giveaways (some restrictions apply- see below for details);
  • Additional marketing support
  • Dedicated manufacturing consultation
  • The Arrow Certified Technology badge on their Indiegogo campaign page.

What is Flash Funding from Arrow?

Arrow has awarded top Indiegogo campaigns with Arrow Certified Technology cash awards to help launch their products. To be eligible to win:

  • The Company must be based in the US, Canada (Excluding Quebec), Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, or United Kingdom
  • The Campaign must have Arrow Certified Technology
  • The Campaign must be Active or InDemand on Indiegogo

All campaigns that meet these criteria are submitted to Arrow and Indiegogo employees to vote for the campaign with the most innovation, impact to people’s lives, and marketability. Winners will be notified directly. See “Terms & Conditions


What are the criteria to get my Technology Arrow Certified?

Certification eligibility is based on a review of the feasibility of the product’s design and viability of the bill of materials. In IoT/cloud-based software only ideas, documented development and detailed product requirements are necessary in order to get your Technology Arrow Certified.

What information would I need to provide to Arrow for my Certification review?

In order to certify your hardware product, Arrow would require a brief technical description, block diagram, and a detailed bill of materials.

Software Only: IoT and Cloud-based software ideas would need to demonstrate documented software development in advancement of the project as well as a working demo to achieve Certification.

What if I don’t have a Bill of Materials? Can I still submit my idea to get help?

Absolutely! You can submit your idea without the bill of materials, and would be eligible to take advantage of a limited set of benefits, where Arrow can help you select the best components for your design as you work towards a bill of materials.

Can I only get my Technology Arrow Certified if my campaign is fully funded?

There is no minimum funding requirement for your campaign to receive benefits from Arrow.

Do I have to have an active campaign on Indiegogo to get my Technology Arrow Certified?

Certification is based on your design and development of your product. All benefits are available to you at the time of Certification with the exception of flash funding. In order to win flash funding, you must have an active Indiegogo campaign.

If I have previously submitted my project and did not get my Technology Arrow Certified, can I re-apply after making changes?

Yes, we want to see progress in your product development and support you along the way. Take advantage of an engineering consultation with Arrow to gain feedback to help get your technology Arrow Certified.

If I have Arrow Certified Technology, will Arrow help me sell my product?

Arrow will not directly help you sell your products. However, for campaigns with Arrow Certified Technology, Arrow will provide marketing support by including you in promotions.

In addition, qualified campaigns with Arrow Certified Technology will be guaranteed a spot on one of Arrow monthly newsletters. Email for your marketing inquiries.

If I have Arrow Certified Technology and Arrow helps with contract manufacturing, do I get to decide where my product will be produced?

Yes, we will leverage our relationships to help make connections to manufacturing, but ultimately you make the final decisions for your product.

What does it mean if I get an email saying that my product isn’t ready to participate in the Arrow Certification program?

There are many successful products that do not contain electronics or that are outside Arrow’s arena of specialty. Arrow plans to focus resources on campaigns where they can make a meaningful contribution – specifically those that contain electronics, cloud-based software/IoT projects and meet Arrow’s criteria for Certification.

If originally a product doesn’t meet these qualifications, campaigners are welcome to make adjustments to the design and re-submit for consideration at a later time.

Can I submit more than one tech idea to get Arrow Certified?

Yes! We want to make your ideas successful and help you along the way. There is no limit to how many times you can submit new ideas for program consideration.

Ready to get started?